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Michael J Lonsdale


Unit 1 Langley Quay
Waterside Drive
Langley, Slough


United Kingdom


+ 44 (0) 1753 588 750


[email protected]



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Michael J Lonsdale, first and foremost, is an engineering-focused business. We strive to deliver services installations that perform reliably and to the correct criteria. Our processes ensure that the MEP design, equipment selections, spatial coordination and construction methodologies are valid and aligned.



We employ a partnered, collaborative and transparent approach up and downstream. By communicating our planned process, key milestones and progress at each stage, we help validate our design criteria, construction and commissioning strategies. Furthermore, the involvement of supply chain specialists provides additional detail to our planning and de-risks the project by confirming equipment details, durations and sequence interfaces.



Our in-house design team provide full support on every project we deliver. Accredited BIM technicians work alongside our CAD departments, conversant with constructing BIM models to Level 2 standards with embedded data sets. PointCloud surveys validate our spatial modelling within new and existing structures, ensuring the accuracy of our As Installed records.

Furthermore, our in-house design team - alongside our project managers and extensive supply chain network - actively seek to identify innovative solutions, improving system operational efficiencies and simplify/reduce installation works on site.



HSE Advisors further build on our in-house capabilities, supported by in-house Appointed Persons and HV-qualified Senior APs who manage and control our Electrical Safe Systems of Work.

Thorough and structured inspections and testing are the focus of our commissioning plans. We cover all equipment and each of the installed systems. Stringent validation processes are a big focus for us, with specific validation methods used for Uptime Tiers accreditation and ASHRAE Commissioning Stages.

An intrinsic part of our processes is identifying and managing Risk, anticipating what might go wrong and having a process in place to ensure the delivery runs as planned. We include regular reviews in progress workshops to prioritise the close-out of any identified key risks.

Thanks to the numerous strengths of the business and the successful delivery of complex projects, 80% of our turnover is repeat business.