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Enel X UK Ltd


360-364 City Rd,
The Angel,


United Kingdom


020 7833 3353


[email protected]



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Who we are

Enel X is leading the energy transformation all over the world. By making the complex simple, Enel X enables its clients to use technology to transform energy into new opportunities for growth and progress . We are a company with strong roots in the energy sector and we have an open strategy that is geared towards digitalisation, sustainability and innovation.

Our products

Our products and services help your business navigate today’s ever-evolving UK energy system with an eye on the future. We create value from new opportunities that will help achieve your strategic objectives.

We unlock operational flexibility, providing end-to-end support for your participation in a variety of market programs – from the Capacity Market to Triad management – that support the security and stability of the UK’s electricity grid. Operational flexibility extracts as much value out of every consumed kW as possible, increasing competitive advantage and improving operational resilience.

We buy energy better in the UK’s increasingly volatile and expensive electricity and gas markets, supporting and optimising your energy purchasing process in a transparent way. Buying energy better improves operating expenses, minimises risk exposure, and increases sustainability performance.