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Danube Data Center



Priemyselny park Sturovo, a.s.
Tovarenska 1

943 03



+421 917 425 739


[email protected]



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About the Danube Data Center

Danube Data Center is a FUTURE PROJECT located in Slovakia.

The site operator, the partner in this prospect is Industrial Park Štúrovo Inc. 

Danube Data Center project was established in 2019 to provide Data center venture investor´s, operator´s find the right location to establish a data center in Eastern Europe in Slovakia.

There is great potential to build a new generation Data Center here in Slovakia, Sturovo.

On-site facilities:

  • Power supply - Double secured power supply  110/22/6 kV and 110/6 kV. Covered by - Possiblity of  own electricity production up to 2x15MW. 
  • Location: Up to 40 hectare free green and grey area for construction right next to river Danube
    • Warehouses and industrial buildings of different sizes and various amenities which can be reconstructed or demolished. Green fields and hardened areas from 2ha up to 10ha parcels.
  • Connectivity is guaranteed! The connection runs via 2 independent optical pathways, both 10G and more. (with possibility of third national wide provider), both 10 Gb/s and more (up to 100 Gb/s).
    • Optical pathways are proprietary optical paths ending in SIX and SITEL.
    • Availability guaranteed 99,982%.
  • Possibility of real green cooling with water directly from Danube river. Which can be distributed up to maximum 4000 m3/h water supply for cooling 80 MW generated heat.
    • Technological water distribution and fire hydrants (cleaned Danube river water): DN400 (1000), p: 500kPa. Possibility of distribution of drinking water thru connection to municipally system: DN110, p:450kPa.
    • Water treatment plant and sewer system: mechanically, aerobically and anaerobically stage with capacity: 10 000 m3/day, DN2400/1500 (discharging to Danube river).


  • Our goal is to set up by and operate in conjunction with the Main investor in data center service industry.
  • If the project is successful, we are ready for expansion to create a sustainable credible.